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Small Hershey’s Clock


This is a clock I made from a plastic Hershey’s Cocoa Powder box as a birthday gift for my father. I replaced the label with wrapping paper bordered with scrapbook paper from the Paper Studio. The face is made from Basic Grey cardstock, pounced with Colorbox Chalk ink. The clip art was done in two layers, the first glued directly to the edges of the face, the second attached with 3M mounting tape.

sunset-071807-2.jpg Sunset photo I took in the back-yard a couple of nights ago.


Elijah and Sarah


Elijah on the left, Sarah on the right. And no, her eyes are not closed… she’s glaring at me.

Willow in the Kitchen


This is a picture of Willow in a box on the kitchen floor, though she spends a lot of her time in my studio or (as before mentioned) on my bed. One little trick she has successfully pulled on multiple occasions is to sit on her hind legs and beat at the bedroom/studio door with her front paws so it sounds like someone knocking. When I open it to see who’s there, she’ll dodge between my legs and into the room before I can block her. : )

Kitchen Cabinet


Sorry about the blurring. Elijah in the cabinet.

Stuff on My Cat

I have loved this site forever… my grandmother sent me the link eons ago, and I just added it to my blogroll.

First ATC


I created this piece while experimenting with different heat-gun techniques. This one was done with black embossing powder and glue.

Hobby/Craft Knives


As can be seen in the above pictures, I own four different craft knives. X-Acto is my favourite, in light of precision, and can be purchased in a multitude of places from office supply stores to craft stores, though I have to say the best prices I’ve seen would be at Wal-Mart. The knives and/or blades can be purchased individually or in sets, for more in formation here is a link to the site:

Though as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, most of my detail cutting is done with the precision tips. But in some pieces of clip-art, there might be a couple of places that simply are not accessible with any scissors, no matter how well designed.

Also in the pictures, I included the Making Memories knife. I found that various bits, tips and blades from other products and companies, in cluding drill bits and Provo-Craft Chizzel-It tips, fit in the handle. And I, with my instinct to misuse all of my tools to the fullest extent, have every intention of taking advantage of this.

Independence Day


A belated Independence Day collage. Granted, it’s been almost a week since Independence Day… but it’s the thought that counts. All clip art from Dover except Osprey (courtesy Wikipedia) and flag, from a calendar.

Scared T-Rex


I did not complete the clock as planned this week, but went ahead and made a couple of cards.  When I saw this T-Rex I thought he looked like he was screaming rather than roaring, so I decided to create a scenic surrounding this piece.