Hobby/Craft Knives


As can be seen in the above pictures, I own four different craft knives. X-Acto is my favourite, in light of precision, and can be purchased in a multitude of places from office supply stores to craft stores, though I have to say the best prices I’ve seen would be at Wal-Mart. The knives and/or blades can be purchased individually or in sets, for more in formation here is a link to the site:


Though as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, most of my detail cutting is done with the precision tips. But in some pieces of clip-art, there might be a couple of places that simply are not accessible with any scissors, no matter how well designed.

Also in the pictures, I included the Making Memories knife. I found that various bits, tips and blades from other products and companies, in cluding drill bits and Provo-Craft Chizzel-It tips, fit in the handle. And I, with my instinct to misuse all of my tools to the fullest extent, have every intention of taking advantage of this.


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