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Family Portrait


Snapped a photo of all the cats together. : )



I have no idea what he thinks he’s doing.

Ethan Dozing


Doesn’t he look intelligent?

Glue Stick Stencil-Embossing

Click HERE to see this tutorial in a slideshow format.

This ATC was created using Colorbox Chalk stamp pads, gold embossing powder, a glue stick, a brass stencil, and some small foliage clear-stamps. I find that in embossing with glue sticks you get a lot more texture and dimension.


Step 1 shows the supplies needed: brass stencil, glue-sticks, embossing powders, and heat gun

Step 2, place stencil on the paper you wish to emboss and rub glue-stick back and forth until you can see that the stencil is filled in.

Step 3, remove stencil and pour embossing powder over glue. (Please Note: I do not recommend UTEE for this technique if you are looking for precision and detail. A finer particle embossing powder works best.)

Step 4, pour excess powder back into container and apply heat gun to image.

Step 5 shows the embossed piece. Later I touched the piece up with some Colorbox Chalk stamp pads and added a bit of gold embossing around the edges, and applied the piece to an ATC (above).

A few places you might look for brass stencils (I personally have a special preference for Dreamweaver stencils) are your local craft, scrapbook, or stamp store. Online sources include:

I prefer to purchase my embossing powders locally, and I use mostly Ranger embossing powders from Suze Weinberg and Tim Holtz:

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Noah and Chloe


Noah and Chloe taking a nap.  : )

Masked Embossing

I discovered this technique while playing around with my glue sticks and Marvy Uchida heat gun. I used Stampin’ Up black embossing powder and 3M glue sticks on this piece, and on the ATC previously posted.

palm-tree-reverse-emboss.jpg In Step 1, I layed the palm tree clip art face-down on the piece of paper I wanted to emboss, and rubbed the 3M glue-stick around the edges, making sure to reach between the palm-fronds.

In Step2, I poured the embossing powder over the piece, tapping the excess back into the container and peeling up the clip art. If you don’t like using that extra bit of embossing powder (which I usually don’t) peel up the clip art before you pour the powder.

In Step 3, I hit it with the heat gun until it is dry.

Aside Note: Be sure to click on the Techniques link in my side-bar to look for other technique articles. : )

*Credit to Joyce at SCS for naming the technique. You can read her comment below. Thanks Joyce!

Nine links

My computer is back up and running.

I made this clock out of a hub-cap, a license plate, a broken barbed-wire license plate frame, two metal buttons, and 15′ 10″ of black chain. The funny thing about the chain is that I originally purchased three yards, little knowing how much draping was to be involved in this piece. When I ran out I went back down to the craft store and asked for two more yards, thinking it would be more than enough. I didn’t have my 40% coupon, so I had to pay full price, but was surprised when I arrived home and found that the woman had added an additional eleven inches. When all was said and done, I had used it all up but nine links…


In order to do the drapery, I had to take one of the hanging plants down off of the front porch and hang the clock up there. I worked on it with two pairs of pliers while standing on a step-stool. I’m sure this was an eyebrow-raiser for the neighbours.


Noah and Morgan, dozing off…

Computer Down…

My computer isn’t working and I am unable to access my clip-art, photos, and scans. Neither is the scanner hooked up to this computer so I cannot upload current art-work, hopefully the computer will be up and running sooner than later and I’ll be back to blogging again…