Nine links

My computer is back up and running.

I made this clock out of a hub-cap, a license plate, a broken barbed-wire license plate frame, two metal buttons, and 15′ 10″ of black chain. The funny thing about the chain is that I originally purchased three yards, little knowing how much draping was to be involved in this piece. When I ran out I went back down to the craft store and asked for two more yards, thinking it would be more than enough. I didn’t have my 40% coupon, so I had to pay full price, but was surprised when I arrived home and found that the woman had added an additional eleven inches. When all was said and done, I had used it all up but nine links…


In order to do the drapery, I had to take one of the hanging plants down off of the front porch and hang the clock up there. I worked on it with two pairs of pliers while standing on a step-stool. I’m sure this was an eyebrow-raiser for the neighbours.


Noah and Morgan, dozing off…


  1. Nancy Lynn Said:

    I love the hubcap……….. It is fun to take an item and just go with it like you have done here. I love found objects and then altering them. Good job.

  2. paperbouquet Said:

    Thanks Nancy! : )


  3. […] It was a lot of work, but I’m very happy with how it turned out! To see my previous hub cap clock, click here: […]

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