Making Memories Circle Cutter

This is my new best friend. I don’t really use circles in my art-work, but I always love cool tools. Sorry about the numbering visibility issue, I’m having difficulties with the image-editing software on this computer.

  1. Shows the Making Memories Circle Cutter and accompanying self-healing mat.
  2. The Circle Cutter from an above angle.
  3. The three main pieces of the Circle Cutter.
  4. Inserting the blade in the Circle Cutter.
  5. The Circle Cutter fully assembled and ready to cut.
  6. Adjust the blade to the size of the circle you wish to cut, markings on the side show exact measurements.
  7. It is best to hold the Circle Cutter as shown in six and seven, with one hand on the main section of the cutter, and one at the very end. Pull the end in the direction the blade is facing until…
  8. …You have a completed circle.

Special Notes on the Circle Cutter:

  • Blade can be adjusted for the right- or left-handed .
  • Comes with four blades
  • Can be purchased at Hobby Lobby.
  • Is extremely difficult to photograph.

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