Clock Movement Conspiracy.

I thought it was just Michael’s trying to mess with my head when they raised their already overpriced $5.99 clock movements to $6.99. But then I found that Hobby Lobby had raised their prices also, from $4.99 (the average price) to $5.99, which seems overly outrageous as Hobby Lobby movements don’t even work…

After Hobby Lobby’s movements began breaking down on me in rapid succession I began to purchase from Wal-Mart ($4.97), though I do not know if they are planning to go up to six dollars as well, and I really don’t care as I’ve found an even better deal:

Go to and search for ‘clock movements’ they should come up at the top of the page. I’d give a link if WordPress wasn’t in such a cranky mood today. Texas Art Supply (based in southeast Texas) is selling them for $3.38. They are functional, come in two convenient shaft lengths, and come with a cap if you prefer to skip the second hand.

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