“Playing Against Time”

I have been working on this clock on and off for months… at least since February, when I first purchased the picture frame which is the main body of the clock. In March I purchased the moulds to make the paper clay chess pieces on eBay, they were actually for chocolates. In April I purchased the dominos and scrabble letter tiles. I’d have to say this is one of the trickiest pieces I’ve ever done. The chess pieces had to be put in the chocolate moulds and then dried, once they were dry I had sand them with my Chizzel-It porcelain sanding tip, then I had to re-carve some of the details with a damp stylus,  I glued the two half pieces together to form one solid chess piece, when that was dry it was back to sanding again, then I painted them with acrylic paints. For the board, I had to seal it with gesso, then draw the squares with a pencil and ruler, each square was painted individually, trying not to overlap into the next. After I was done with that, I painted gold around the edges and sealed it with a semi-gloss gel-medium. I had to do this twice since I decided that the first board was too big… I also had to take a large portion of the picture frame off with my jr. hack saw because it was too tall. I sanded, painted, and sealed the frame. The dominos and scrabble letter tiles were individually soaked in a mixture of Folk-Art Raw Umber Acrylic paint, “Walnut Stain” Distress re-inker, and water for 2 minutes, then placed on a pizza-pan in the oven at 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

And I could never have done this without e6000. : )

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