Each night at about 8:30PM is when we put the cats “to bed” in the kitchen, so we don’t have them tearing around the house and making racket in the wee hours of the morning. What makes them cooperate and come in every night? Nummy-nummies.


This is a photo of the cats eating their Nummy-nummies. Nummy-nummies consists of exactly one tablespoon of Friskies canned cat-food on a small plastic plate. Each cat gets one plate, and they fall for it every night. : )


Here’s Noah in the Premium Cracker cat-bed, you can see a couple of the plates in the photo. (And that’s Chloe trying to sniff the camera : ) )


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  1. Becky Said:

    LOL!!!!!!! They get tricked! well not really cuz they’re still getting nummy nummies lol
    Noah is adorable, well, they all are from what i can see, so funny seeing them all together, I can barely handle 1, lol~!

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