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TOGC Clock/Doll

Festival officially opened as of four hours ago, so I can stick up my latest piece of art-work. A clock/doll for the Treasures of the Gypsy challenge this year, displayed at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.


We’ll be there tomorrow so I’ll get a couple of shots of her in the exhibit, and when she comes home I can do a reall photo-session with her. This shot was taken in a hurry before she had to leave.

Update: Click Here to see photo of doll/clock in exhibit.


Yahoo! Mail Power User


I am now a Yahoo! Mail Power User and received the Golden Inbox Award! 😀 Aren’t you jealous?


“Power Users are the heaviest and most frequent users of Yahoo! Mail and were selected by Yahoo! to participate in this pilot program. These users spend an incredible amount of time using Yahoo! Mail, so the Power User program is our way of thanking them.”

I think its because of all the Yahoo! Groups I’m on.



A sunset photo I took in our back-yard. You can see the leaves from the banana tree in the foreground of the first photograph.

IQF Setup

Setup for the International Quilt Festival exhibits today. I’m displaying a clock/doll again this year, but won’t post photos until the festival opens.

Here’s another kitty photo:

Noah on the dining room floor.

Willow in Craft Organizer

I wasn’t going to point out to her that she didn’t exactly fit.

Thank Goodness it was Diet…


This is an older photo we took of Ethan napping in his favourite box by the window, probably about a year ago. I have no idea where he got the soda can from.

Christmas Card


Another Christmas card. I completely exited my comfort-zone on this one, these are not really my colours, nor is this my style. But it turned out okay.

And where am I supposed to sleep…?


After rumpling my sheets, completely rearranging my quilt, comandeering my sweater, and setting herself up right smack dab in the middle… Willow settles in for a nap.

With a cat like this, why even bother making the bed?

Toadie Frog

Look what I found.


I had to lay on my stomach on the driveway to get a decent shot. Between this and the Hub-Cap Clock, this has probably confirmed the neighbours opinion that I’m entirely weird.

Paper Doll


I actually did this paper-doll a while ago, but never posted it. She has a proportionally challenged head… 😀

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