IQF 2007

IQF 2007 will end tomorrow, we went to look at the exhibits and go shopping this Thursday past. Here is a photo for a small section of the doll exhibit, mine can be recognized as the one with the clock (center on the lower half), they hadn’t put the name-tags down yet, so I do not know who all did the other pieces in the photo:


After we were finished poking around over there, we headed over to the vendors side. We did the whole floor, and ended up walking for a full 7-1/2 hours. It was exhausting.

Here’s some of the “stuff” I picked up:

Vintage linen tea towel (?) and handkerchiefs.


And here’s a close up on the floral embroidery on the one.


Earrings… small and simple, but significant. IQF is one of the best places to pick up jewelry.


Foreign currency. 3 from England, 2 from Yugoslavia, 2 from China, and 1 I was not able to identify. I picked these up at Hands of the Hills, the only booth name I ever remember as they always have the coolest stuff… last year they had Japanese postage.


Okay, Art Institute Glitter is another one I remembered, but only because by the time I walked out of there, I was covered in glitter… I think they covered the floor with it or something:


Barbara Trombley did my name in glitter:


Okay, you have to admit this is cute. It is so tiny… mini-iron:


I also purchased some charms… which I’m not even going to try to photograph.

It is now Saturday, and my muscles still hurt… but it was worth every bit. šŸ™‚

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