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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Dover eCard.


Leaf Earrings

Leaf and Vine Earrings

Made these the other night. : )


PS: This is my 100th post! ^_^

Matching Bracelet and Earrings Set

Here’s the bracelet open:

Bracelet Opened

And closed:

Bracelet Closed

Here’s the first pair of earrings I made to go with it:

Green Earrings

And here’s the second pair:

Blue Earrings

And I liked this photo too much not to share… photography is so much fun:

Blue Earrings And Bracelet

And More Earrings

These were a prerequisite to the fuller ones shown in my previous post:

Rainbow Change Dangle Leverbacks


These are similar to an earlier pair I made:

Black Dangles


These are one of my favourites… I had to put them on lever-backs because I ran out of fish-hooks, though I might change them out later:

Pink Dangle Leverbacks


I made a bracelet and three pairs of earrings last night, but have not had the opportunity to photograph and upload them. I’ll probably post those tomorrow.

First Bracelet!

Bracelet Open

I made this one as a Christmas gift for my mother. Here’s a shot of the bracelet closed:

Bracelet Closed

Here are the two pairs of earrings I gave her:

Green Star Dangles

Large Rainbow Chain Dangles

Merry Christmas!

Sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve been slightly ill… as a result, there is a massive quantity of handmade earrings sitting around, and I’ll have to post photos of them later this week. For now…

Merry Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! : )

Chain Dangle Earings


There’s a lot of motion in these.

Flickr is *so* my Best Friend right now.

I just found out the other day that I could use the HTML code for my Flickr photos to post them here on my blog… so now instead of depending on and fretting over my measley 50 MB WordPress photo-space, the horizons have expanded quite a bit! ^_^

My Willow

Willow on Camouflage Crochet Piece

She kept taking my sweaters and sleeping on them. So I crocheted a camouflage blanket for her to sleep on. ^_^

More Earrings


Photo #1 is of a pair with a pink lamp-work focal bead with danglies. Photo #2 is a single shot of one of the earrings. Photo #3 is of a pair with dark pink lamp-work as a focal bead, built off of a single head pin.

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