Distressed Alphabet Swap.

My set came in the mail yesterday. Here’s a photo of the ‘W’ I did:


I also made a ‘U’ and an ‘L’ to complete my set:

Distressed Alphabet Swap 'U'

Distressed Alphabet Swap 'L'


And here’s the completed set, everyone did a great job!

Distressed Alphabet Swap





  1. Olivia,
    I was in the distressed alphabet swap – I created the “S”. Thanks so much for uploading all of them on your site. Don’t they all look great together!
    Thanks again,

  2. It’s really fun seeing everyone’s alphabet squares! You did a very nice job of displaying them on your blog too! Love all of your beaded creations! I’m from the ArtTech group.

  3. paperbouquet Said:

    Thanks Patty… I did four more pairs of earrings last night and will be posting them later. : )


  4. Faye Said:

    I love the alphabet squares, Olivia. Each one is so different and so pretty. Looking forward to seeing the earrings.

  5. paperbouquet Said:

    Hi Faye!

    Hoping to get the earrings up today… I’ve been a bad blogger lately… : P


  6. Sabine R. Said:


    Sabine R.

  7. paperbouquet Said:

    Thanks, Sabine! Everyone really did a great job. : )


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