Recent Kitty Photos

I’ve been photographing the cats a lot lately, here are a few recent shots, more can be seen on my Flickr Page: 

Ethan- Life is good:

Life is good

Sarah making mean faces:

Sarah Glaring

Chloe on the toolbox:

Chloe on the Toolbox

Willow hissing at Ethan for getting to close to her window:

Willow Hissing at Ethan

Rolling Ethan:

Ethan Rolling

More Rolling:

Ethan Laying Down

Noah licking Joe:

Special Brothers Moment... : )

Ethan, Joe, Noah, and Chloe (catching birds):


Chloe, Ethan, and Noah’s tail:

Chloe and Ethan and...



  1. Faye Said:

    What a nice family! I grew up with orange cats so I have a special fondness for them. My granddaughter has had tuxedo cats and a tortoise one.

  2. paperbouquet Said:

    There’s 8 all total. The original 2, Willow and Elijah. And six of the seven kittens: Ethan, Chloe, Noah, Joe, Morgan, and Sarah. They’re so much fun! : )


  3. Little Miss Crafty Said:

    Hi, thanks for posting that note about the Mad Crafters Tea Party ! This blog is really good by the way, didn’t know you had one 🙂

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