Birthday Card and New Earrings. : )

It’s been sooo long since I last posted. : P I’ve been busy making stuff, just too lazy to photograph and upload it. I’ve finally gotten back into my “groove”, I’ve been working on some ATC’s and inchies as well, will post those later. Maybe tomorrow.

Birthday Card:

Birthday Card

This one was cheater simple. : P The lace made the card, and the Byzantia paints made it pop. I like the way it turned out.

New lantern earrings, $15, check out The Shoppe for details:

Lantern With Skirt earrings

And that’s all for now. : )


  1. faye Said:

    Amazing, Olivia. BTW, please check out my I have something there for you.

  2. paperbouquet Said:

    Cool beans! : D


  3. faye Said:

    Tell me how you made this one. I’d like to try the technique. What are Byzantia paints?

  4. paperbouquet Said:

    Like I said, cheater simple, no real technique involved. : ) I started with a printed piece of cardstock (floral print, I can look up the company if you’re interested). I used decorative-cut scissors to get the edge on the front of the card, then went over it with a Krylon gold paint pen. Then I painted the flowers around the edges of the card with these paints:

    I’m not sure if Stewart Gill has an American supplier. I used the MM Circle Cutter to cut the paper for the center, originally a simple black and white decorative print, though I filled the white in with the Byzantia paints. The dragonfly is embossed with gold, and the lace around the edges is also painted with the Krylon pen.

    Any of the supplies I used I can look up and give you further info on. The print on the cardstock was rather vital in the making of this card. It came from this stack: I purchased the pad at Michael’s, I think you might be able to purchase some of them individually as well.
    Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions! : )


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