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The Second Hub Cap Clock!

My second hub cap clock is at last complete! Here it is:

Hub Cap Clock

A lot of this was loot we picked up off the highways after Hurricane Ike. I made out like a bandit. 😀 This here is a fraction of what we found:


Here are some closeups of different parts of the clock, click for larger views.

The Face:
Hub Cap Face

The chain drapery and cell-phone exterior:
Hub Cap Chain

The front grill-work:
Hub Cap Grill

Hub Cap Cellphone

Hub Cap Nissan Closeup

Hub Cap Chain Drapery

It was a lot of work, but I’m very happy with how it turned out! To see my previous hub cap clock, click here:


Bear with me…

I think I’m on to something new. I do have some clock pics to post later, but that’s not it. I think I’m headed for another change in style! More later…

A Valentine in October

An October Valentine

New card! Off season, but still fun. : ) I used SG on crackle paint, crackle paint on beverage napkins, and my glue-stick stencil embossing technique on this one.

And there is a NEW kitty in town! Iris came to us in early March… over the months she has become more attached to us, and now is a permanent fixture on our driveway:
Iris' Domain

She sleeps in that gazebo there, has a food bowl and blanket on the porch, and drinks out of our water gardens. Cold night she sleeps in our utility room. She also participated in nummy-nummies with the indoor cats from time to time:


That’s Chloe in the background… as you can see, the other kitties haven’t exactly warmed up to her just yet! : ) Afternoons, I go out back to read the newspaper, sometimes she helps:

Iris on Newspaper

She enjoys the sunshine and fresh air of the outdoors, I know we could never make her an indoor cat:

Sweet Dreams



Ethan and Iris

Making plenty… posting naught.


I think it’s the new admin set-up for WordPress… it’s not as intuitive as it used to be, and I haven’t had time to adjust. I miss the old WordPress!!! : (

Anyways, though I haven’t blogged in the longest time, I’ve been making plenty, and will be catching up as I can. Relatively recent ATC here. : )

I’m keeping busy elsewhere, challenges in Altered Art, and a secret-sister swap now… commemorative of our 1st birthday, coming up on December 17th! This is AA’s first swap, and the first I’ve ever organized.

I’m also hoping to do a blog giveaway for Christmas this year! We’ll see how that pans out… More later. : )