A Valentine in October

An October Valentine

New card! Off season, but still fun. : ) I used SG on crackle paint, crackle paint on beverage napkins, and my glue-stick stencil embossing technique on this one.

And there is a NEW kitty in town! Iris came to us in early March… over the months she has become more attached to us, and now is a permanent fixture on our driveway:
Iris' Domain

She sleeps in that gazebo there, has a food bowl and blanket on the porch, and drinks out of our water gardens. Cold night she sleeps in our utility room. She also participated in nummy-nummies with the indoor cats from time to time:


That’s Chloe in the background… as you can see, the other kitties haven’t exactly warmed up to her just yet! : ) Afternoons, I go out back to read the newspaper, sometimes she helps:

Iris on Newspaper

She enjoys the sunshine and fresh air of the outdoors, I know we could never make her an indoor cat:

Sweet Dreams



Ethan and Iris


  1. hastingshall2 Said:

    Hi Olivia, I enjoyed seeing the new kitty’s pictures. She looks quite at home. The heart piece at the top is gorgeous. I don’t have any crackle stuff yet. You have the technique down pat!!! Hope you’ll be posting more and more of your wonderful art.

  2. Tracy Simmons Said:

    Hi, I am brand new to your blog, having just discovered it today. I’m reading through all your posts–love them! Just one question: Do you talk about technique at all, as in HOW you do this? I am brand new to making cards and I’m totally intrigued by what you do and the glorious look to them, but would have no idea how to even start. Can you point me to other posts you may have done where you talk about the “how to’s” or is that not the purpose of this blog?


  3. paperbouquet Said:

    Will e-mail you. : )

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