Birthday Card

Birthday card. Completed yesterday.

BDC The Card

I used my glue embossing technique for the hummingbird:
BDC Glue Emboss-Work

Art institute glitter for the polka dots:
BDC Glitter Spots

Stewart Gill Byzantia paints over Tim Holtz Crackle Paint for the lower-right corner. I ran out of bubble-wrap and had to use my finger for the gold ink and glitter spots around the text:
BDC Crackle Paint and Stewart Gill Paint

Some new kitty pics! It’s been so long since I posted any…

Here is one of Elijah. He got to come downstairs for a little while since Ethan was put up and couldn’t bug him. Joe cornered Elijah a few times, but other than that, it went pretty well. : )

And Willow dear, in the bedroom. : )

And one of Morgan. She’s been giving us some trouble going into the kitchen at night. :/

And Ethan! He’s still having some attitude problems regarding Iris… trying to urinate on everything. He has not succeeded lately, however… we’ve been catching him on time. I hope this works out!
Ethan Napping2

That’s all for now! : )


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  1. faye Said:

    Hi Olivia, beautifiul detail work on your birthday card. Also, lovely pix of the cat family.

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