About Me

For starters, I stink at blogging. Don’t expect frequent updates here. For those who wish to keep closer tabs on me, I am extremely active on Flickr. It is my lifeline to “the world out there”. ; )

I began my artistic explorations in 2003 with minimal sewing, and spent the next two years engaged in trying my hand at various mediums including painting, sculpting, beading, crocheting, doll-making, and drawing, eventually finding that none of them were for me. In January of 2005 I created my first collage, and have since continued, branching out from collage into building my skills as a mix-media, assemblage, and paper artist.

I work with multiple materials including paper, paint, metal, glass, wood, cardboard, and occasionally fabric, but cannot stand plastic, regardless of what name it goes by.

Please Note: All images and artwork on this blog are copyright by me, and may not be used without permission. Thank You.

~Olivia (Photographer and Mix-Media Artist)

For more information about me, see my other profiles: Blogger & Flickr



  1. Diana Mains-Welte Said:

    Camille bragged on you and your work on ArtTechniques list. She has reason to be proud.. your work is wonderful. Diana in KY 🙂

  2. Marlene Slobin Said:

    I can see why you have a proud mother. Your work is absolutely beautiful.


  3. Uncle Tom Said:

    Wow! Excelent work!


    Uncle Tom

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