New ATC! Best viewed large. : )

Artist Trading Card


Castles In the Air…

"Castles in the Air"
“Your Work Need Not Be Lost”

Quote adapted from Henry David Thoreau.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is
where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
~Henry David Thoreau

For the Altered Art Group January 2009 challenge: “Favourite Poets”

Base of chipboard and one layer of plain white cardstock. I blended chalks at the bottom and right edges, then cut a piece of cardstock from the “Old World” stack, slightly smaller than the ATC, to layer over that. I dotted the chalked edges with pearl sage-green fabric paint.

Next I cut a 3″X3″ piece of cardstock and dyed it with Adirondacks: Cranberry, Meadow, and Butterscotch. I stamped it with black ink and a sand castle stamp and tore the edges around the castle form. Then I rubbed the torn edges in gold ink.

Tim Holtz crackle paint on the left and top edges of the ATC. When this had dried, I painted it up with Stewart Gill Byzantia paints (Cardinale and Cerisanctum), edging that with a Krylon gold-leafing pen. I then attached the sand castle, and stamped and embossed the lettering.

Birthday Card

Birthday card. Completed yesterday.

BDC The Card

I used my glue embossing technique for the hummingbird:
BDC Glue Emboss-Work

Art institute glitter for the polka dots:
BDC Glitter Spots

Stewart Gill Byzantia paints over Tim Holtz Crackle Paint for the lower-right corner. I ran out of bubble-wrap and had to use my finger for the gold ink and glitter spots around the text:
BDC Crackle Paint and Stewart Gill Paint

Some new kitty pics! It’s been so long since I posted any…

Here is one of Elijah. He got to come downstairs for a little while since Ethan was put up and couldn’t bug him. Joe cornered Elijah a few times, but other than that, it went pretty well. : )

And Willow dear, in the bedroom. : )

And one of Morgan. She’s been giving us some trouble going into the kitchen at night. :/

And Ethan! He’s still having some attitude problems regarding Iris… trying to urinate on everything. He has not succeeded lately, however… we’ve been catching him on time. I hope this works out!
Ethan Napping2

That’s all for now! : )

Secret Sister Swap (Altered Art)

Finally I can post this one! 🙂 This was for the Altered Art Group (Flickr) 1st birthday… it went to Wendy kirk in the UK. Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially to Amberwaves for the lovely card I received. : )

Happy Birthday Altered Art

Happy Birthday AA Bokeh

Happy Birthday AA Detail

Happy Birthday AA Detail

A result of the Pompeii exhibit…

My first pair of earring since, to be exact! ; )
I didn’t notice it until it was pointed out to me by a friend, but the earrings to have a Pompeii-ish look to them. This is a result of visiting the exhibit that recently came to our area… I studied the jewelry very carefully, but I little thought it would influence my own work. : )

Green Chandelier Earrings

Green Chandelier Earrings


This isn’t the only pair… I did a couple more where it can be seen more definitely. Coming up soon!

International Quilt Festival Houston, TX 2008

Full day Thursday! IQF opened to the public on Wednesday evening, and we went the following morning. Here are some of the pics I took:

The George R. Brown convention center where IQF is held every year. Between vendors and exhibit, the floor is about the size of 9 football fields, and we did the whole thing!
International Quilt Festival in Houston

George R Brown Convention Center

Exhibit Hall D

Huge crowds! We were in line waiting to purchase tickets for about 10 minutes:
In Line
In line3
Ticket Booth

Police on horses directed traffic:
Police Horse
Police Horse

Yet another ten minutes in line to get in.
Waiting in line to get in

We visited the doll exhibits first… it was pretty crowded, and I was jostled a lot, so I couldn’t get many decent pics.
Dolls At IQF
Treasures of the Gypsy Challenge
Dolls At IQF
Dolls At IQF
Dolls At IQF
Dolls At IQF

And on to the vendors! Only took us four hours to do the floor this year. I tried to get some pics of the crowds, but was somewhat intimidated by the dirty looks I was getting… apparently they didn’t appreciate having their photos taken.
Into the Cafeteria

And… my personal favourite. You’ll want to see this one full size. 😉

That’s it for the indoor photos… I’m afraid I don’t do well in crowds. Here are some more I took when I got out, though:

Windows blown out by hurricane Ike.
Boarded Up
Boarded Up

Metro Bus
Texas Flag

And finally, the goodies I picked up! : )

7 yards of thin cotton lace at the Fine French Laces booth:
Fine French Laces

4 FQ’s from Creative Creations (Fat Quarter Queen):
Fat Quarter Queen StarsFat Quarter Queen Leaves
Fat Quarter Queen Blue SnowFat Quarter Queen Batik

Jointed enamel koi charms:
Jointed Blue Enamel Koi
Jointed Blue Enamel Koi.jpog
Jointed Dark Blue Enamel Koi
Jointed Green Enamel Koi

Stencils from Stewart Gill:
Stewart Gill Feather Stencil
Stewart Gill Tree Stencil

IQF Findings

There were some beads, too. But I hope to display those later in the form of earrings. 😉

That’s all for now! Festival will be breaking down in almost one hour. Still waiting to hear the winners for the TOGC challenge (didn’t participate this year, but am still interested to know!).

And for the cats…

Noah recognizes his sister:

Queen Iris in her happy domain:
The Queen of the Outdoors
The Life of a Cat

Sarah shows off her fine humour:

Ethan, begging for food… funny, but he doesn’t look starving. Could be just me…
Ethan Laying

And Chloe has a new box:
Chloe in the Box

The Second Hub Cap Clock!

My second hub cap clock is at last complete! Here it is:

Hub Cap Clock

A lot of this was loot we picked up off the highways after Hurricane Ike. I made out like a bandit. 😀 This here is a fraction of what we found:


Here are some closeups of different parts of the clock, click for larger views.

The Face:
Hub Cap Face

The chain drapery and cell-phone exterior:
Hub Cap Chain

The front grill-work:
Hub Cap Grill

Hub Cap Cellphone

Hub Cap Nissan Closeup

Hub Cap Chain Drapery

It was a lot of work, but I’m very happy with how it turned out! To see my previous hub cap clock, click here: https://paperbouquet.wordpress.com/2007/08/05/nine-links/

Bear with me…

I think I’m on to something new. I do have some clock pics to post later, but that’s not it. I think I’m headed for another change in style! More later…

A Valentine in October

An October Valentine

New card! Off season, but still fun. : ) I used SG on crackle paint, crackle paint on beverage napkins, and my glue-stick stencil embossing technique on this one.

And there is a NEW kitty in town! Iris came to us in early March… over the months she has become more attached to us, and now is a permanent fixture on our driveway:
Iris' Domain

She sleeps in that gazebo there, has a food bowl and blanket on the porch, and drinks out of our water gardens. Cold night she sleeps in our utility room. She also participated in nummy-nummies with the indoor cats from time to time:


That’s Chloe in the background… as you can see, the other kitties haven’t exactly warmed up to her just yet! : ) Afternoons, I go out back to read the newspaper, sometimes she helps:

Iris on Newspaper

She enjoys the sunshine and fresh air of the outdoors, I know we could never make her an indoor cat:

Sweet Dreams



Ethan and Iris

Making plenty… posting naught.


I think it’s the new admin set-up for WordPress… it’s not as intuitive as it used to be, and I haven’t had time to adjust. I miss the old WordPress!!! : (

Anyways, though I haven’t blogged in the longest time, I’ve been making plenty, and will be catching up as I can. Relatively recent ATC here. : )

I’m keeping busy elsewhere, challenges in Altered Art, and a secret-sister swap now… commemorative of our 1st birthday, coming up on December 17th! This is AA’s first swap, and the first I’ve ever organized.

I’m also hoping to do a blog giveaway for Christmas this year! We’ll see how that pans out… More later. : )

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