Group Guidelines

Group Guidelines: Altered Art is a diverse community of artists working with all mediums including, but not limited to: mix-media, altered art, collage, assemblage, painting, sewing, sculpting, paper-arts, stamping, drawing, digital art, and beading. If you are unclear as to if your medium suits our group, I’ve provided a list of what not to add:

  • Scrapbooks,
  • “Crafty” items (i.e. composed of pom-poms, googly eyes, pipe-cleaners, craft felt, pony beads, wood cut-outs etc.),
  • Cards and other items composed of primarily pre-made materials (kits, embellishments such as Jollee’s By You etc.),
  • Raggedy Annes and other “crafty” type dolls and dolls made from kits.

There are also a few items that have been questioned, but are in fact quite welcome:

  • ATC’s,
  • Art Paper-Dolls,
  • Art Cards,
  • Altered Hang Tags,

If you are still uncertain about anything, please feel free to contact me via FlickrMail.

Also, I would be very unhappy to find my group labeled “adult” so I would like to let people know in advance that I will remove pieces if I feel they are too “dark” or if there is any nudity. : )


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  1. Rachel Said:

    Thank You so much for the award.I will add my piece to your wonderful group.Wow,you made my week!!!

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