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A Place To Bark- Animal rescue

Any of you who are in to Altered Art/Mix-Media Art are probably familiar with Bernie Berlin, author of “Artist Trading Card Workshop”, and owner of “A Place To Bark”, a no-kill animal rescue she runs in Tennessee. Please, for any of you who can make donations, she is trying to win a $50,000.00 dollar grant from the “American Giving Challenge” so she can build a shelter for her animals. Right now she holds the third place out of the top four, if she gets knocked into fourth she’ll still be okay, but if she gets knocked into fifth, she won’t get the grant. Words cannot describe how amazing her work has been. I wish I had read about this sooner, the contest ends tomorrow. There is very little time left!
Here’s a link to her blog:

To the “American Giving Challenge” page:

To the donation page:


The Kitties

New Kitty photos!!! >^.^<

Willow and Elijah on bed:
Kitties on the Bed

And then dozing off:
Kitties on the Bed

Ethan on the couch, sleeping:
Ethan on the Couch

Ethan… he is not supposed to be up there:
Ethan on Counter
I haven’t been making anything lately, in case anyone is wondering why I haven’t been posting.

More Jewelry!


I was looking through my archives and stuff, and I realized that starting with December 1st (about a month and a half ago when I made my first pair of earrings) I have made  *45* pairs of earrings. (O  O)

Why I haven’t been posting lately…

… It goes a little something like this:

Green Star With Skirt

Blue Diamond With Skirt

Blue and Gold With Skirt

Chain Dangles With Green Star

Chain Dangles With Blue Diamond





I did fifteen cards all total, five of each design. So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to. : )


Can’t Post Earrings…

Even though I have 6 or 7 new pairs. : /  The computer I use to upload is down at the moment.

Distressed Alphabet Swap.

My set came in the mail yesterday. Here’s a photo of the ‘W’ I did:


I also made a ‘U’ and an ‘L’ to complete my set:

Distressed Alphabet Swap 'U'

Distressed Alphabet Swap 'L'


And here’s the completed set, everyone did a great job!

Distressed Alphabet Swap